June 20, 2024

Kinze releases documentary chronicling company’s history of innovation

Many new ideas came from farmers

WILLIAMSBURG, Iowa — Kinze has released a video documentary that tells the story of the company’s humble beginnings in the mid 1960s and its many technology innovations since then to help farmers make planting and harvesting more efficient.

The 21-minute documentary is based on a video shown to visitors at the Kinze Innovation Center in Williamsburg.

Recently, that presentation was updated by the company’s video production team and has now been posted on social media — including YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8IfYjf6jZg — to reach an expanded audience.

“We operate a family farm and understand the frustrations farmers face in the field,” said Susanne Veatch, Kinze president and daughter of company founder, Jon Kinzenbaw.

“Some of our best innovations come from ideas given to us by farmers, so we wanted to share the story of Kinze more broadly with them.”

That story began in 1965 when Kinzenbaw, a 21-year-old Iowa farm boy possessing a talent for fixing things, opened a small welding and repair shop with a small bank loan and $25 in his pocket.

His first innovation was an anhydrous applicator for use on his own family farm and later for sale to other farmers. Other efficiency-focused innovations followed over the years.

Kinzenbaw developed a new grain cart, the model 400, that included larger tires to help prevent it from getting stuck in wet fields, and a high-speed auger enabling the cart to be unloaded in just three minutes. Modern-day grain carts are patterned after that design.

The video also shows how Kinze developed the industry’s first folding planter, which saved farmers time by not requiring them to load and unload the equipment on trailers for transport.

The company also introduced the first planter with flex wings, planter row markers, split rows and contact drive.

Also featured are more recent Kinze innovations. Included are its new True Speed high-speed planting technology, enabling farmers to double the number of acres they can cover in a typical day, and the easy-to-use Blue Vantage planter display.

“By telling our story, we hope farmers will better understand how Kinze provides innovative solutions for farmers that are simple, easy to operate, technologically advanced and make them more productive and profitable,” Veatch said.

She also wants farmers to know that Kinze is a farmer-friendly business.

“We host ‘Experience Kinze’ events for farmers to learn more about the company and our products. Farmers can also schedule factory tours or stop by our Innovation Center on a walk-in basis during the week,” she said.