‘Farming was healing’: Ag career helps woman’s recovery

A family car ride to an exercise class changed the life of Carey Portell forever. When a drunken driver struck her vehicle, Portell suffered extensive injuries to her lower body. After four years of surgeries, healing and physical therapy, she was able to walk. But she still experiences limited mobility.

Kitchen Diva: Spring onions flavor the season

There’s nothing like the intense flavor — or the smell — of an onion. Wild onions were among the first foods that mankind gathered and ate and are one of the first signs of spring. Onions are in the allium family, along with garlic and shallots. Spring onions are one of my favorite varieties.

Prairie Farms reveals 18 new ways to snack

Prairie Farms Dairy is launching 18 new ways to snack with the introduction of Small Batch Cream Cheese Spreads in 3.5-ounce cups and Small Batch Ice Cream pints.

Antiques & Collecting: Pottery sandwich

Sometimes modern art is hard to understand, and often it is meant to be a joke. David Gilhooly (1943-2013) was a successful contemporary artist who often included big or small realistic or comic frogs in his sculptures. He is known as the founder and father of the Bay Area Funk Art group in the 1960s.

Senior News Line: Stimulus payment merry-go-round

A third round of stimulus payments is on the way. But has your second one shown up yet? Next question: Did you file last year’s 2019 taxes on paper instead of e-filing? If so, that might well be the reason you don’t have your money yet.