You have symptoms of both urge incontinence, the sensation of needing to get to the bathroom right away to avoid an accident, and stress incontinence, losing urine with abdominal pressure, such as cough or sneeze. It is possible that you have two separate problems.

Well, that certainly didn’t last long. My town’s recreation center opened last week for indoor walking only — no classes, no basketball, no anything else — then shut down again just as quickly.

Summer may be coming to an end, but in much of the country the weather is still warm enough to appreciate the refreshing zing of citrus and the ease of a no-bake dessert. So, before we move on to pumpkin spice everything, let’s enjoy the sweet, tart flavor of lemon cheesecake once more.

At least five famous midcentury modern designers made chairs that looked like large hard-boiled eggs with a cutout for seating space.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is digitizing nearly 8,000 rare images, including a Lincoln family photo album and a poster that offered a reward for the capture of the 16th president’s assassin.