Advertising and store collectibles have historical significance and brand recognition, as well as artistic value. A combination of all three brought this lamp a price of $2,700 at Morford’s Antique Advertising Auctions.

One potential problem studies face is assigning cause of death. If a person with a very serious cancer who is expected to pass away within a few months gets COVID-19 and dies, did the cancer kill them, or did COVID-19?

We think we would know when we’re being scammed, but would we really? Financial exploitation of seniors can take many forms, and it’s one of many types of elder abuse.

The 171st Lake County Fair will take place Aug 4-13 in Crown Point. The fair will be jam-packed with Grandstand shows, including the All Star Monster Trucks Shows with the Kamikaze Kid Fire Thrill Show.

Self-described as “Illinois’ cleanest and best county fair,” the Logan County Fair delivers a multi-platinum record artist and a jam-packed slate of events.