AgriNews is once again leading a celebration of youth in agriculture. In 2020, after the cancellation of county fairs and state fairs, AgriNews launched its own 4-H contest online. Last year, the contest was expanded to also include FFA.

Life is complicated, right? So, let’s make one thing very uncomplicated. Why not put lunch on autopilot? Here’s the plan: We’re going to make a bunch of delicious heat-and-eat burritos to stash in your freezer for a quick on-demand lunch, snack or dinner.

I learned of a neighborhood group, six seniors, who are trying to keep themselves fed against all odds. They’ve come up with a brilliant plan: At the end of each week they pool whatever foods they have left over and have dinner together. They split the leftovers to take home.

Pears star in this easy-to-make rustic galette that school-age kids will enjoy helping you prepare. The crust can be mixed quickly with young hands and muscle — or you can roll out a store-bought pie crust.

Nations, like people, have special parties and observances to celebrate birthdays and other successes. In 1876, the United States celebrated its 100th birthday with the Centennial Exhibition of 1876 in Philadelphia.

Bishop Hill’s annual 19th century harvest festival Jordbruksdagarna will take place Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 24-25. There will be a variety of traditional craft demonstrations, food, vendors and hands-on activities for the children during the 50th Jordbruksdagarna.