We all love the Thanksgiving feast, but for the youngest among us it can be overwhelming and also a little tedious. So, to make sure everyone enjoys the celebration, let’s make a special table just for the kiddies.

For Thanksgiving, the turkey may be the star of the feast, but it’s the supporting players that steal the show. Every year we have the same conversation, “Why don’t we do this more often?” — not about the whole meal, but the sides.

The news is in. Our Social Security benefit for 2022 will increase by 5.9%, slightly less than the 6.1% estimate the government put out this summer. Still, that’s much greater than the 1.3% increase we saw for 2021 and the 1.6% the year before.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease — its two main forms are emphysema and chronic bronchitis — usually, but not invariably, is a result of long-term exposure to lung toxins, especially smoke.

Artists often create works in many different mediums — ceramics, painting, sculpture, jewelry and even metalwork. After World War I, many artists traveled to different countries and schools to learn new “looks” and techniques. England, France, Germany and Scandinavia were leading art centers.

When there’s a birthday in your house, fly a pennant. This personal pennant celebrates the occasion and how unique the birthday child is. Make them together with your children now and enjoy using them on their special day.