The course catalog for the winter semester of the local senior college arrived in the mail, and I’ve already highlighted over a dozen classes, talks, lectures and seminars that I’d like to take.

Looking for a little luxury? This figure replicates the hood ornament from Rolls-Royce. In 1909, John Douglas-Scott-Montagu commissioned sculptor Charles Sykes to create a mascot for his car.

If all the decluttering you did over the summer has now left you with piles of belongings, you might be ready to just have it all gone. And you might say, “I think I’ll hold a yard sale!”

The La Porte community, including more than 20 businesses and nonprofit organizations, worked together to provide local 4-H-raised protein to 29 food pantries and soup kitchens.

In the realm of delicious salads, here is a dish that marries the worlds of fast-food indulgence and garden-fresh goodness. Welcome to the Hamburger Salad.

“Doctor Yourself,” encourages this cabinet, made to hold the Munyon Remedies in a drug store. The cabinet lists the “remedies” it contains according to the ailments they claim to “Relieve Immediately.”

By all means, ask your ophthalmologist at your next visit, but the most common cause I see for watery, tearing eyes are … dry eyes! This apparent paradox is caused by the fact that your eyes have three different fluids.