Most pizza lovers agree: What sets pizzeria pizza apart from homemade pizza is that glorious crispy, crackly crust. That’s because commercial pizza ovens cook at temperatures between 700 to 800 degrees. Yeah, well, that’s not happening in most home kitchens.

Remember catching baby’s first smile and cheering when your toddler took that first wobbly step? Life’s “firsts” are celebrations we don’t want to miss.

Antiques are given many names, often changed to be written in a new language or used in a different way, and there can be confusion. Is a “cave a liqueur” the same as a tantalus?

As the school year winds down, it’s time to show appreciation to a special teacher. Here’s a springy idea: Arrange a casual bouquet of flowers with offshoots of your child’s creativity.

Starting a new activity will often cause people to overuse some muscles that aren’t used to the strain. Bowling involves forceful extension of the thigh, which is the gluteus maximus muscle, as well as other muscles in the hip to maintain stability.

I read an article the other day encouraging seniors to make plans to age in place. Aging in place means to stay in our own homes as we get older so we can maintain our independence.