Combines are starting to roll in northern Illinois. Most are running in soybeans, but there was a swath to the south of us that was hit with some nasty winds earlier this summer and they are working on down corn.

We saw quite a bit of activity this past week in the fields around our county. The majority of people started shelling corn at some higher moisture levels to either fill early fall delivery contracts or to take advantage of some incentives the local elevators do each year to get early corn in the door.

Something about seeing a combine and an auger cart rolling through a field gets me all excited for fall. This week we should start seeing some more fall-like weather, as well. Bring on the sweaters, cardigans and hoodies.

Todd Laczyinski isn’t a typical insurance agent working from a desk in an office. This time of year you can find him driving a food truck from field to field, bringing farmers meals.

Heartland Community College’s principles of regenerative agriculture class went to the heart of the matter recently when students visited Sunnyside Community Garden and Food Forest.