Jones: What a shovel test can reveal about your soil

When was the last time you grabbed your favorite shovel or spade and took a walk through your fields? A simple shovel test can reveal several things about soil that you may want to take into consideration this year and looking forward.

Koelkebeck: The basics of keeping hens in your backyard

The movement of keeping hens in your backyard for the purpose of providing fresh eggs has received a lot of attention the past 10 years or so. Many local communities have approved the practice of keeping a few hens for the purpose of providing fresh eggs. Some communities, however, have not approved this practice. It is essential to follow proper management practices in order to be successful in keeping a few hens in your backyard.

Higgins: Keep on top of weed management

The growing season seems to be accelerating with crops benefitting from warmer temperatures than experienced in early May. That same growth spurt is true of weeds. While we all hope for a weed-free field, remember that performance of herbicides is affected by weather conditions and several additional factors.