Channel Field Check Up Series: Prioritize fields for corn rootworm checks

Flashing fireflies in the grass around corn and soybean fields has historically signaled that conditions are right for corn rootworm egg hatch. Field evaluations for corn rootworm larvae should be done in late May through mid-June, around the time that growing degree days accumulate to 684 to 767 with a base temperature of 52 degrees. Your Channel Seedsman will check for corn rootworm during a Field Check Up Series visit.

Channel Field Check Up Series: Plan ahead to manage weeds in variable weather

Herbicide performance can be affected by the environment before, during and after application. It’s easy to stick with a weed control plan when the season is going well and the weather cooperates, but it’s also important to plan for challenging weather conditions.

The three R’s of good weed management

The three R’s traditionally represent reading, writing and arithmetic. When he’s talking about Acuron corn herbicide, Chad Threewits, Syngenta agronomy service representative for Indiana, wants farmers to think about resistance, rates and revenue potential.