Indiana Pork Young Professionals Conference attendees donated 200 pounds of ground pork to Newton County Food Pantry. The donation will help provide 800 meals to the community amid increased food prices.

Hello from Graze-N-Grow. By the time you are reading this our pasture broilers will be in the freezer after our friend Tommy at Brummel Poultry Processing does the “dirty job.” I’ve helped there a couple times and it’s too much lifting for this old body.

Here in northern Illinois there has been a lot of rain. I am not complaining, especially since my son-in-law in Georgia is very dry. All the rain does make it difficult to cut hay. Looks like there is a break next week. Crossing my fingers for a window of a couple days.

Well, the lambing is just about done. I have two more ewes left to lamb but the rest of the lamb crop is healthy and growing. My two steers go into the locker plant tomorrow and they look to be carrying the right amount of finish on them (all from grass). When they are on the rai

Ryan and Megan Ellmore bought their first herd of Hereford cattle for feeder beef from Megan’s grandfather, Hubert Glascock, over 20 years ago. The Ellmores eventually changed their herd to Angus and their reputation grew as producers of high-quality beef products.