Time flies when you are having fun and it was fun to see the crops disappear rapidly in great harvest weather. The plant breeders should be acknowledged for their hybrids developed over the last few years that can turn out yields like we have in this very dry year.

I’m delighted to report that our aerial seeding of wheat into standing soybeans is a success. Even though it’s been extremely dry, some rainfall evidently found its way to the wheat seeds lying beneath mulch provided by the fallen soybean leaves and every seed germinated.

The weather in November has been surprising. The warmer temperatures have been really nice. We had a chance to complete many of the projects on our fall to-do list. Harvest around us is going strong and it is a pleasure to see the combines in the field.

Hello from Graze-N-Grow. I keep looking at the 10-day weather forecast for a return of fall, but so far it looks more like winter to me. Harvest is now over for us and thanks to my neighbor’s drill we have 75 acres of wheat that’s looking good.

Well, with the coming of fall, the breeding flock goes into landscaping duties, so they have been traveling from farm to farm, making farmettes look pretty. With the warm weather we’ve had, it’s been fun and nice, but reality hit the third week of November.