November 27, 2021

The Illinois Soybean Association welcomed the Lewis and Clark Community College as an affiliated partner of the B20 Club of Illinois. They recently sponsored an Automotive Service Excellence training session for the students in the college’s Department of Automotive Technology in partnership with MEG Corp.

As the toxins from Bt corn become less and less effective at managing western and northern corn rootworms, what’s next? It will take a combination of innovative techniques to provide sustainable control, according to University of Illinois researchers, who are gearing up for a project involving next year’s crops.

Soil is a living ecosystem of bacteria, fungi and other microbes that sustains plants, animals and humans. But one may wonder how healthy is their soil and does it contain a large thriving community of microbes and critters to be sustainable.

A great biodiversity in ecosystems exists in nature. “There’s no monoculture in nature — that’s man-made,” said Stephan van Vliet, nutrition scientist and metabolomics expert in the Center for Human Nutrition Studies at Utah State University.

Progress, current and future challenges were highlighted in the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy biennial report. Details of the report were unveiled during the NLRS Partnership Conference.

October in Illinois was the eighth warmest and the fourth wettest on record going back to 1895, according to Illinois State Climatologist Trent Ford at the University of Illinois’ Illinois State Water Survey.