Heavy rains that have hit portions of Illinois and Indiana raise concerns over the survivability of corn that’s already planted and other issues that go along with a wet spring.

Applications are being accepted through May 31 for a unique training course for farmers, advisers and conservation professionals that focuses on the soil health system.

It is unclear when the U.S. Congress will pass the next farm bill. However, it is clear starting with a conservation plan is the best first step farmers can take to the best advantage of the programs in that bill.

Monthly average temperatures during “meteorological winter” were above freezing throughout a sizable chunk of Illinois, and the $64,000 question is — how has that impacted insect populations?

Illinois Wheat Association is inviting farmers and researchers to tour wheat fields and take estimate yields of the winter wheat crop during its annual Wheat Plot Tour on May 21.

The Soil and Water Outcomes Fund and John Deere announced a new collaboration, bringing an integrated digital experience to farmers participating in SWOF’s leading agricultural ecosystem services program.