December 07, 2023

When Ralph Upton Jr. started working on his family’s farm full time in 1964, he did what everyone else was doing — plowing every year.

VT4PRO isn’t a customized corn hybrid. But it acts like one. “This is a nice option for those low pressure areas, where we still want rootworm protection, but we don’t need SmartStax PRO,” said Rachel Willis.

Southern staples like magnolia trees and camellias may now be able to grow without frost damage in once-frigid Boston.

The word sustainability has been tossed around like a leaf on a windy fall day, but is there proof in the pudding?

The droughty growing season revealed some “oopsies” and unusual disease occurrences in fields. Stephanie Porter reviewed the 2023 growing season during an ISA Field Talk event.

In-season management only goes so far in achieving optimum yield without selecting the right soybean varieties to provide the initial foundation.

A new Liberty herbicide with technology that will provide for a 25% reduction in use rate has a targeted launch in 2024 and full launch in 2025, pending registration.