July 23, 2024

Farm Bureau members set 2024 policy stances

Corina Brant speaks at the annual Indiana Farm Bureau delegate session.

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Farm Bureau members determined their policy stances on important topics such as local government notices, renewable energy and research for 2024.

The annual delegate session was held at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds on Aug. 26. The delegate body included 235 farmers and agribusiness professionals from across the state.

“The policy our members discuss during the annual delegate session is the foundation of this organization,” said Randy Kron, INFB president.

“The reason INFB is able to be impactful at the local, state and national level is because legislators know how involved our grassroots are at creating these policy priorities every year.”

INFB’s policy development process begins at the local level. Each year, all counties can make policy suggestions or edits.

From there, those suggestions are debated by a resolutions committee before being brought to the full delegate session.

Session Highlights

• There was support to update the way local government sends notices to landowners rather than solely via local newspapers. The delegates proposed that all local government annual reports, taxpayer notices and announcements be published in both local newspapers with a circulation more frequent than weekly and on county and city government websites.

• Delegates discussed the funding stream for the Indiana Animal Disease and Diagnostic Laboratory. Members stressed the importance of having high-quality diagnostic labs in Indiana’s livestock and poultry industry.

• Delegates supported the development of a state energy policy and plan, added nuclear energy research and a call for more involvement at the county level when large development districts are proposed.

During the session, delegates also voted on members who would represent INFB at the 2024 American Farm Bureau Federation Convention, to be held in Salt Lake City in January.

The INFB delegates chosen will discuss policy positions for the national organization with representatives from all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Four county Farm Bureau presidents were elected as delegates for the AFBF Convention:

• Susan Brocksmith — Knox County.

• Dave Schuetter — Dubois County.

• Corina Brant — Tippecanoe County.

• Eric Wornhoff — Hendricks County.

Additionally, INFB Second Vice President Isabella Chism announced she won’t be running for reelection during the upcoming state convention in December.

Erica Quinlan

Erica Quinlan

Field Editor