April 20, 2024

Spring is a time of planning, planting and new growth on the farm. From preparing to plant seeds for the next crop to tending trees freshly in bloom, farmers are working hard to ensure strong yields in the months ahead.

Each year, the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute at the University of Missouri and its collaborators put together a baseline projection for the U.S. and world ag sectors for the major grains, oilseeds, biofuels, livestock and dairy commodities.

Even when Speaker of the House Mike Johnson finds enough baling wire to lash together the votes to pass the budget, it’s little more than a signal to some of his colleagues to heat up the tar and gather the feathers.

"As I flip the page on the calendar from March to April, I find myself just one year away from my fourth decade in the radio business," Cyndi Young-Puyear writes in her latest column.

Recently, I was asked to describe myself without saying I was a wife or mother and that hit me a bit differently. After all, as parents, it is hard for us to see beyond that.