June 10, 2023

News is news. Facts are facts. I’m interested in how that news and those facts impact people in demographics other than my own.

I am a fifth-generation farmer, wife, mother of four young children and vice chair of my county board of supervisors. We farm with our family in southeast Nebraska.

“Do right by the land and it will do right by you.” That’s advice my father gave me as a young farmer. They are words farmers everywhere live by.

As a farmer, I can attest that it’s often difficult to find unbiased information that’s specific to my region. Luckily, the Illinois Soybean Association has made that information easily accessed at your fingertips.

My county Farm Bureau recently hosted its Day on the Farm for most of the fourth-graders in the county, an event that was a highlight of my year.

My earliest memories of farming were in my family’s dairy barn. Those were some of my happiest memories — rising before the sun to milk the cows, helping care for our animals and doing my part to provide a nutritious product for our community.