January 28, 2021

Commodity Insight: More bullish yet

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently released a World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report that was wildly bullish for the grain complex.

Farm & Food File: The Capitol will endure

Like any schoolboy, I was both giddy and awed when I walked into the U.S. Capitol for the first time. This is where Abraham Lincoln walked, Henry Clay and Daniel Webster debated, where wars were declared, peace was cherished and democracy watered.

Brookes: Europe’s GMO regulatory hypocrisy

Let’s hope that European politicians take the opportunity that the tremendous development of GM/GE derived COVID-19 vaccines offers to reset, reboot and revise the regulatory approval systems for these technologies so that we can all benefit from their potential in all sectors, including agriculture and food production.

Commodity Insight: World has a supply problem

Grain prices on the final day of 2020 ended on a bullish note seldom seen in the final trading sessions of any year. But in the first week of 2021, the new year, grain prices moved even higher. In fact, the first three trading sessions of 2021, soybean prices rose as much as $1.20 bushel and corn prices 50 cents.

Duvall: Glimmers of hope beyond pandemic

With each new year comes the time-honored tradition of setting resolutions. At the American Farm Bureau, we have a similar tradition as our grassroots leaders meet to set our policy resolutions and priorities for the coming year.