June 20, 2024

Beck’s, Insignum AgTech team up

Tech indicates if crops have been exposed to disease, insect pests or fertility loss

ATLANTA, Ind. — Insignum AgTech and Beck’s Hybrids have signed an agreement to test new corn traits in Beck’s varieties. Field testing will begin this year to evaluate commercial viability of the traits.

Insignum AgTech develops plant genetic traits that enable plants to “talk” and signal to farmers when specific plant stresses begin.

“With this trait, a corn plant generates purple pigment, indicating that a fungal infection has started, but is not yet apparent,” Kyle Mohler, Insignum AgTech CEO and Purdue University alumnus.

“Additional traits will utilize other natural pigments, such as red or blue, that give an early indication of yield-limiting factors such as insect pests or fertility loss.

“Farmers will gain the ability to sustainably and precisely treat when and where needed, ultimately increasing yields without arbitrarily increasing costly inputs.”

Mohler said he is pleased to collaborate with Beck’s, the largest family-owned retail seed company and the third-largest seed brand in the United States.

“Beck’s values technology that helps farmers succeed,” said Tom Koch, research manager at Beck’s.

“Insignum’s genetic traits are well aligned with that mission. Farmers can see what their plants need and then respond to improve crop health and yields.

“We were encouraged by Insignum’s results we saw in field trials last year, and we’re hopeful about this collaboration.”

Initial results of the trials will be available to select stakeholders at Insignum’s Field Demonstration Days in central Indiana in the fall.

For more information, visit www.insignum.ag.

Erica Quinlan

Erica Quinlan

Field Editor