December 04, 2023

Retail, grower ammonia safety courses set

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Anhydrous ammonia safety courses will begin at several locations across Illinois.

The Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association partnered with the Illinois Department of Agriculture to offer the mandatory safety courses throughout the state.

Illinois retail, growers and grower farm operators who transport or apply anhydrous ammonia, or otherwise maintain anhydrous ammonia equipment, are required by state law to complete the certified grower training.

Those who attend the training program and pass the exam receive a three-year certificate from IDOA to handle anhydrous ammonia.

The course locations are as follows:

• Sept. 12 — Asmark Agricenter, Bloomington

• Sept. 13 — Deer Valley Banquets, Deer Grove

• Sept. 14 — Knox Agricenter, Galesburg

• Sept. 15 — Prairie View Reception Center, Chatham

• Sept. 16 — Unique Suites, Charleston

• Oct. 4 — Asmark Agricenter, Bloomington

“We’ll be training our ag retailers in the morning, and we will have farmer grower training in the afternoon. The training is free for farmers and begins at 1 p.m. at each location where ag retailers were trained that morning from 9 a.m. to noon,” said Kevin Johnson, IFCA president.

Training topics include the properties of ammonia, competence in safe operating practices, how to take appropriate actions in the event of a leak or emergency, personal protective equipment and first aid, and transportation safety.

More than 12,100 individuals completed grower ammonia training earlier this year and met the Illinois requirements to be certified to transport and handle anhydrous ammonia.

For retailers to register, visit Grower training registration is available on the IDOA website.

Tom Doran

Tom C. Doran

Field Editor