October 19, 2021

Program allows bee owners to register hives throughout the state

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Being respectful of others — including bees — is important.

Roughly 750 people and about 7,800 hives are registered on BeeCheck, said Fred Whitford, Purdue University clinical engagement professor.

Whitford said BeeCheck is a program that allows people to register their bee farm or operation, as well as in hives in the area, so farmers and others know they are there.

“BeeKeepers registers hives and location on the site,” he said.

Whitford said one benefit of registering bee colonies and hives on the site is so on a windy day or before spraying chemicals applicators are aware of all the hives in the aware, so farmers can be respectful of the local pollinators.

Individuals can see hives on a map, which tracks them throughout the country, he said.

When farmers or other individuals spray, the site allows them to keep their distance from people who have bee colonies or local beehives in the area.

Ashley Estes

Ashley Estes

Field Editor