October 19, 2021

National Pollinator Month brings awareness about importance of protecting pollinators

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — June marks National Pollinator Month, which was established to bring awareness of the relationship between plants and pollinators.

Fred Whitford, a clinical engagement professor at Purdue University, said people try to remember events and the importance of them, which is why national awareness months are important.

Having a month to remember pollinators is definitely important, Whitford said.

It can be difficult for people to stay on track or remember important issues, which is why the focus on the month is a great way to remind people about pollinators and the things they do, he said.

People should be seeing a lot of flowers start to bloom soon, which will bring the monarch butterflies out.

Whitford said there are county programs to talk about pollinators, including ones that teach an individual how to build a landscape that attracts pollinators — and not just bees — right now.

Everybody loves pollinators, but sometimes people aren’t able to do all the reading and research that is required to plant beneficial plants that attract pollinators, he said.

That’s when the internet and Purdue Extension publications come in handy, Whitford said, noting just because flowers pollinate doesn’t mean they are good flowers for pollinators.

Ashley Estes

Ashley Estes

Field Editor