April 14, 2024

S7 Series of combines boasts new automation

Bergen Nelson, John Deere go-to-market manager for harvesters, points out the features of the new S7 Series of combines introduced at the Commodity Classic convention in Houston.

HOUSTON — John Deere introduced its S7 Series of combines at the recent Commodity Classic convention in Houston, which exclusively offer new predictive ground speed automation.

“We have stereo cameras on the front of the combine that look out 28 feet in front of the cutter bar, and they’re looking at crop height and crop density, and we’re taking that information and combining it with a predictive yield layer map,” said Bergen Nelson, John Deere go-to-market manager for harvesters.

“We can take that information and proactively speed up and slow down the combine to make sure we’re keeping that rotor in the machine full throughout the entire day, bringing increased productivity all automatically to our producers.”

This is an example of John Deere listening to farmers and, in turn, providing what they need and want, Nelson said.

“A lot of it’s through customer feedback, wanting a more proactive approach to speeding up and slowing down the machine to make sure that they can maximize the throughput and capacity of the machine that they have on their operation,” he said.

“So, bringing those cameras and that predictive yield map into play allows us to make those changes before the machine actually gets to those profit zones, making it a more efficient combine.”

Nelson noted the adjustments are made in real time, on the go, proactively.

“I like to tell people to think about it as like adaptive cruise control within your car, it’s looking out in front of it, sensing what’s in front of the machine, so they can make a quick reaction before that crop actually enters the machine,” he said. “So, we don’t have a reactive approach. It’s a proactive approach using that new technology.”

Bergen Nelson

If the cameras sense a low-yielding area, the combine is going to want to speed up to keep the machine full of crop. In high-yielding areas, it’s going to slow down so it can process all of that material and all that grain that is coming through the machine.

“It’s helping keep that machine consistently full, so we can maximize the throughput, whether it’s a low-yielding zone or a high-yielding zone, for maximizing the capacity of the machine,” Nelson said.

But that’s not all.

The new machines are also equipped with harvest automation technology, automating the five main combine settings — concave clearance, rotor speed, sieve clearance, chaffer clearance and fan speed.

“With the new technology, the predictive groundspeed automation and the harvest settings automation that we’re bringing to market, it’s bringing up to 20% productivity increase to our customers — and that is huge,” Nelson said.

This technology will enable farmers to be far more efficient at harvest.

“We’re automating a lot of the main settings within a combine, we’re automating the speed proactively, allowing us to maximize the productivity of the machine, allowing the machine to do a lot of it for them,” Nelson said.

“So, they can focus on other operations going on their farm, whether it’s logistics, or talking with their grain cart operators, watching what is going on around their corn head in those lodged corn scenarios.

“These automation features take a lot of work out of it for them, while still maintaining a great grain sample. It’s truly amazing to see it in the field.”

The new S7 Series also includes many features farmers already know and appreciate in the X9 Series.

“We’re bringing over a lot of new features to this combine from X9. A lot of our customers have been around the X9 combine, but don’t necessarily need the size of an X9, but there’s a lot of features that they like.

“So, we’re bringing that over to this machine, bringing new engines, new operation, new cab for them to operate within, cross-auger shutoffs, adjustable unloading auger spout — a lot of new features they’re gonna love on top of that technology that brings improved productivity to their operation.”

Nelson was excited that John Deere was bringing new products to the market at the Commodity Classic.

“Customers are loving seeing all those features that we brought over from X9 and there’s a ton of questions and interest around how the new technology works and how it brings improved productivity to their operation,” he said. “Customers are loving it.”

James Henry

James Henry

Executive Editor