December 02, 2023

Illinois Soybean Association to exhibit at Farm Progress Show

DECATUR, Ill. — The Illinois Soybean Association returns to the Farm Progress Show Aug. 29-31 in Decatur. ISA along with IL Corn will be at Booth 605 exhibiting how Illinois farmers’ checkoff dollars are fueling progress for Illinois agriculture.

This year, ISA and IL Corn are highlighting the organizations’ dedication to the use of biodiesel and ethanol. The theme “Fueling Progress” calls attention to the importance of utilizing biofuels.

In the co-branded booth, guests will find games and activities for kids; hands-on-learning experiences, like an interactive display of ISA’s Trade and Export Journey map; and opportunities to see how ISA and IL Corn are working to make the most of checkoff dollars while creating increased opportunities and returns for Illinois farmers.

To demonstrate the versatility of soy, ISA is funding the application of soy-based asphalt in the Varied Industries Tent, as well as a soy-based dust suppressant to the gravel roads inside the exhibit grounds.

“The Illinois Soybean Association is proud to take part in implementing soy-based products at this year’s Farm Progress Show. Utilizing soy-based products over their traditional counterparts has several benefits, as is better for our environment, increases demand and new markets for Illinois soybeans,” said ISA Chairman Ron Kindred.

“Thousands of attendees and exhibitors attend Farm Progress Show, so it’s the perfect time and place to showcase the versatility and usefulness of Illinois soy.”

At the south end of the show, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about ISA’s soybean research initiatives at the agronomy test plot.