July 23, 2024

ISA promotes biodiesel at elevators

ROANOKE, Ill. — The Illinois Soybean Association delivered its biodiesel message directly to farmers as they brought their crops to elevators.

ISA hosted Breakfast and Biodiesel events at Central Grain Co., Belvidere; M&M Service Co., Litchfield; Roanoke Farmers Association, Roanoke; and Premier Cooperative, Thomasboro.

Breakfast sandwiches, coffee and a flier promoting biodiesel in an insulated bag were provided during the event. The goal is to reach decision-makers by educating farmers and gauging their perceptions of biodiesel and the benefits of making the switch.

“These events have been going really well. The whole intent is to get a feel for our soybean farmers across the state and figure out if they are using biodiesel and, if they’re not, what’s stopping them,” said Claire Weinzierl, ISA communications manager. “We’re trying to address some of those issues of why not. Is it a sourcing issue? Is it equipment issues?”

One of the goals of the Breakfast and Biodiesel is myth-busting.

“Most of the time it is ‘it gels up in the winter,’ which can easily be solved by using additives, and other equipment issues like ‘it clogs filters.’ I -think generally it’s mostly equipment-related issues,” said Weinzierl of the busted myths.

“I also think sometimes when they’re not using it they’re not using it because they can’t source it closely to them or they can’t guarantee that it’s soybean oil-based.

“We’ve seen a good response from farmers.”

“Biodiesel is a win for Illinois farmers. Not only does it reduce each farm’s carbon footprint, but it’s using a product that supports their bottom line. Using B20 biodiesel blends and above add more than 10% to the price of soybeans,” said Andrew Larson, ISA director of market development.

“The quality of biodiesel today is also better than ever. B20 can be used in diesel engines with little or no modifications and with proper fuel management just like with any diesel fuel.”

ISA hopes these events educate farmers and overcome preconceived notions about biodiesel including quality and equipment integration challenges. B20 and lower blends are a drop-in replacement for petroleum diesel and can be used in any diesel vehicle without any modifications.

Tom Doran

Tom C. Doran

Field Editor