June 15, 2024

Field day to keep beef cattle producers up on trends for their herds

The Orr Beef Research Center’s Field Day provides a chance to determine how the latest research can inform profitable decisions for your herd.

BAYLIS, Ill. — Beef cattle producers will gain insights and stay up to date on current research from cow/calf patterns to alternative forages and more at the Orr Beef Research Center’s Field Day on Sept. 6.

The meeting will be held at the John Wood Community College Ag Center located west of Perry in the new Ag Sciences Complex and Fred Bradshaw Learning Center.

Producers are invited to join industry and university experts for an evening filled with current topics and research trends.

Attendees are encouraged to share and discuss situations they are experiencing to help producers manage their cattle and day-to-day herd practices.

Field Day Topics

• Research Update: Creep Feeding Duration in Drylot Housed Cow/Calf Pairs, Limit Feeding vs. Ad Libitum Feeding Cows in the Drylot — Dan Shike, University of Illinois.

• Beef Industry: Is Sustainability More Than Methane? — Josh McCann, U of I.

• Herd Management: Stretching a Short Hay Supply — Travis Meteer, U of I Extension.

• Cover Crops: Alternative Forage Opportunities — Laura Lant, Midwest Grass & Forage.

• Weather Trends and Forecast: Climate Trends and Upcoming Weather Forecast — Trent Ford, Illinois state climatologist.

Speakers and presentation topics begin at 5:30 p.m., and a box meal will be provided. Space is limited and registration is required with an RSVP to Meteer at wmeteer2@illinois.edu or 217-430-7030.

The event will be held indoors. For biosecurity and herd safety, do not wear clothing or footwear worn in a feedlot or pasture unless washed.