May 20, 2024

Huntington hires new ag adviser

Meet Aimee Graves

HUNTINGTON, Ind. — Huntington University hired an animal health and vet nursing adviser for the Haupert Institute for Agricultural Studies.

Aimee Graves is a graduate of Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine and Indiana Wesleyan University.

Most recently, Graves worked as a registered veterinary technician at Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital. She continues to work shifts at Southwest Veterinary Urgent Care in Fort Wayne.

“Growing up in a farming family, I have a deep appreciation of agriculture,” Graves said. “My experience is that faith and farming go hand in hand, and my passion has always been animals. I realized that while I was treating the animals, I was also serving the people attached to the animals.

“That realization made the work even more rewarding and fulfilling. I am excited to help guide the next generation of veterinary nurses to care for animals and serve the people who love and depend on them.”

Graves pointed out that students will get the best of both worlds with Huntington’s partnership with Purdue’s Veterinary Nursing Distance Learning program.

“They are getting a degree from one of the best veterinary nursing programs in the country while attending classes at a small Christian university,” she said. “The dual-degree program in animal health and veterinary nursing is an amazing and forward-looking solution to the national shortage of veterinary professionals.”

As animal health continues to become more scientific and complex, pet owners want medical care that mirrors what they receive themselves, Graves said.

Farmers want quality and efficient production from their livestock.

“The graduates of this program will have a great deal of knowledge relating to animal health, as well as valuable hands-on veterinary nursing skills,” Graves said.

“The future of veterinary medicine and animal health is full of opportunities and possibilities. Huntington is leading the way in meeting the needs of the future.”

Erica Quinlan

Erica Quinlan

Field Editor