March 03, 2024

National forage and grazing experts to speak at annual conference

FERDINAND, Ind. — The Heart of America Grazing Conference will take place Feb. 20-21 at the Ferdinand Community Center in Ferdinand.

Hosted by the Indiana Forage Council in collaboration with Purdue Extension, the annual event will feature forage and grazing experts from across the nation.

“Attending the Heart of America Grazing Conference is an invaluable opportunity to network with forage-livestock input providers at the trade show, and networking with participants that have an interest in pasture improvement has value, too,” said Keith Johnson, a professor of agronomy in Purdue’s College of Agriculture.

Highlighted speakers will lead discussions on cutting-edge research in grazing, soil science and grazing options with cattle and small ruminants, among other key topics.

Jason Tower, superintendent of the Southern Indiana Purdue Agricultural Center, and Ronald Boehm of Boehm Farms are featured speakers.

“The 2023 conference will be an excellent opportunity for producers and educators to expand their knowledge of grazing and soil management. Improving these skill sets can have a positive impact not only on livestock performance but also on the environment,” Tower said.

“The timing of the conference works well for the attendees to take their newly gained knowledge back home and begin to plan for implementation as they strive to refine their operations toward their goals of livestock husbandry, financial success and environmental stewardship,” Boehm added.

Additional speakers include Alan Franzluebbers, North Carolina State University; Greg Halich, University of Kentucky; and Johnny Rogers, North Carolina State University.

Registration information and event details can be found on the IFC website at and Facebook page at