March 03, 2024

IBA invites junior members to EDGE Conference

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Illinois Beef Association is planning for its annual junior conference, “Engaging, Developing, Growing and Educating,” hosted at the University of Illinois in Champaign.

This one-day event on July 14 is structured around providing IBA’s junior members engaging and educational hands-on workshops, social activities and a tour of the U of I Beef Farm.

Junior participants will have the opportunity to get an overview of multiple elements of the beef industry including topics such as the influence of nutrition, genetics and environment on food animal growth, development and end-product quality.

New this year, junior participants will be divided into different age divisions for more tailored educational sessions.

IBA has gathered a wide variety of speakers and educators. This includes nutritionists, meat scientists and industry specialists to lead engaging seminars and hands-on activities.

U of I’s Dan Shike will give lectures outlining beef nutrition and lead the juniors in the tour of the university’s beef farm.

Other educational seminars will focus on determining carcass quality, as well as a sensory tasting activity.

Additionally, the Illinois Junior Beef Association board of directors will play a role in hosting a junior activities session during the day, as well as aiding in facilitation of the 2022 EDGE Conference.

Registration is open to all members of the Illinois Junior Beef Association ages 8 to 21 on the website,