August 19, 2022

Cumberland’s new IR Hopper Sensor provides reliable feed delivery in poultry houses

ASSUMPTION, Ill. — Cumberland is introducing a new IR Hopper Sensor that uses infrared sensing to help poultry producers better manage their feed hopper levels.

This is accomplished by having an adjustable sensor in the hopper, which gives the producer more control of how they want to run their feed system.

When feed drops below a sensor, a programmable timer enables a delay between 10 and 180 seconds. The hopper fill system starts when any IR sensor detects an absence of feed and the time delay has finished.

“By adjusting the IR sensor height and time delay, producers can lessen cycle time, decrease feed outage and reduce the potential for overflow,” said Ken Evans, product manager for Cumberland.

“The big win here for a producer is having the dependable IR sensor down low in the last hopper with the ability to make adjustments so there is always enough room in the last hopper for overflow feed from the fill system.”

Evans noted the sensor’s 12-inch height adjustment and 360-degree rotation provide optimal feed detection.

The sensor is easy to install and maintain, and uses the same technology as Cumberland’s i-plus3 control pans. The versatile design also allows sensors to be easily moved between flocks.

For more information about the new IR Hopper Sensor, producers can contact their Cumberland dealer or visit