May 20, 2024

Take a glimpse inside ag: Favorite Farm Photo Contest winner named

“Who’s The Boss” — Latonia Richey: “2023 senior picture of my daughter with their 4-H steers. Each was nearly 1,300 pounds and they trusted her completely.”

LA SALLE, Ill. — “Who’s The Boss,” the winning picture in the new online AgriNews Favorite Farm Photo Contest, was taken by Latonia Richey of Scottsburg, Indiana.

“These pictures help us tell the story of modern agriculture. They depict life and work on farms today and give everyone a glimpse into our lives and livelihoods, showcasing why we do what we do,” said AgriNews Executive Editor James Henry.

Throughout the month of July, shutterbugs uploaded photographs to the AgriNews website at Then during first two weeks in August, everyone could vote for their favorite.

Receiving the highest number of votes, Richey won a $50 gift card. In the portrait, her daughter poses with two 4-H steers.

“Each was nearly 1,300 pounds and they trusted her completely,” Richey said.

The following companies supported the AgriNews contest: gold sponsor Peoples State Bank of Newton and silver sponsors Community State Bank, Farmers National Bank, Kaeb Sales, Kentland Veterinary Clinic, Land Pro, Maze Lumber, NDY Manufacturing, RJ Bowers Distributors and Sublette Farmers Elevator.

See all of the images at:

“Baby’s Got Blue Eyes” — Heather Wellman Farrell: “I don’t live the farm life, just drive around with my camera dreaming about it. I came across this beauty nursing from mom in Putnam County recently and had to share someone’s beautiful baby.”
“Nosey Heifer” — Alexis Jacobs: “Everyone’s got one!”
“Marry Me?” — Alexis Noel: “When you go to tag the new calf, but it already had a tag!”
“Small sprouts, BIG dreams!” — William Davies: “Can I drive?”
“Sunset on the Farm” — Kenzie Dillow: “Southern Illinois.”
“Baby don’t herd me” — Kenzie Dillow: “Relaxation on the Illinois farm.”
“Someone is always watching ‘ewe’” — Kenzie Dillow: “Be your best. ‘Ewe’ never know who is watching.”
“Papa, it doesn’t need butter!” — Denise Boggio: “Future sweet corn picker!”
“Barn” — Kimberly Mahr: “Country at its best.”
“Country church” — Norman Caudle: “LDS Temple.”
“Grandpa sharing knowledge” — Jennifer Koehler: “Grandpa checking soybean seed depth with grandson, passing on his knowledge.”
“Best friends” — Jennifer Carlson: “The bond between showman and animal is pure love.”
“Harvest Moon” — Joette Webber: “During harvest, the moon rose right over the top of the bins while unloading.”
“Spectacular Clouds” — Elizabeth Harner: “A grand cloud display over our last field at harvest.”
“Pink hair craze” — M. Emsweller: “Popcorn in our garden.”
“Wheat” — Nancy Baird: “Our son, Byron, standing in our field of wheat.”
“Moon rising” — J.C. Reitmeier: “Combining beans at sunset with moon coming up in the east over our family farmstead.”
“Our Legacy” — Corrine Crawford: “Standing in our ‘amber waves of grain’ are our five grandchildren, who are the legacy of our farm.”
“Canadian wildfire smoke” — Joyce Weaver: “My farm during the Canadian forest fire smoke covering the farmland here in western-central Indiana.”
“Rick’s Family Team” — Nan Reynolds: “Our neighbor captured this moment as we drove by their farm. Great day for a family outing.”
“Dolly” — Shelby Gillis: “4-H member Shelby Gillis and her Yorkshire gilt, Dolly.”
“Favorite farm photo” — Rodney Seaton: “Even a rainbow still shines over the windmill and barn on a cloudy day.”
“Harvest Sunset at the Home Place” — Kristin Lykins: “With the full moon behind me, I quickly hopped out of the tractor while catching the combine with the grain cart to snag some pictures of this gorgeous sunset over our home place, the main base for our farm. My father-in-law is in the combine and my teenage daughter is in the other tractor and grain cart. My husband was doing the trucking, while my dad, who built the home place, was spending time with my mom, who was in the nursing home suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.”
“Evening Wonder” — Richard Floyd: “Silence is golden.”