January 28, 2021

Meet the Dairy Godmother: Kids book teaches about dairy farms

INDIANAPOLIS — “Tales of the Dairy Godmother: Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish” was named the 2021 Indiana Farm Bureau Book of the Year.

The book, written by Viola Butler with art by Ward Jenkins, shows the adventures of an ice cream loving boy, who learns about a modern farm thanks to his dairy godmother.

The 2021 Book of the Year will be used to educate children in schools across the state about dairy.

It was chosen by a committee of five Agriculture in the Classroom volunteers and teachers.

For the fifth consecutive year, a statewide campaign by the INFB Women’s Leadership Committee is underway to promote the book in every county in Indiana next year.

Ag in the Classroom volunteers will be able to use the book of the year with classrooms virtually or in person, depending on individual school recommendations next year.

Earlier in 2020, INFB launched its Adopt a Classroom program which allows Ag in the Classroom volunteers to use virtual tools to continue to educate Indiana’s schoolchildren about agriculture despite adjustments to school programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about the book at www.feedingmindspress.com/our-books/chucks-ice-cream-wish.

Erica Quinlan

Field Editor