April 14, 2024

Hoosiers celebrate National Ag Day

National Ag Day was celebrated in Indiana on March 19.

INDIANAPOLIS — Hoosiers celebrated National Ag Day on March 19. Gov. Eric Holcomb issued an official proclamation to celebrate the event.

“The state of Indiana recognizes the economic impact of agriculture on Indiana, with commodity agriculture production worth over $18 billion,” he said.

“Indiana agriculture productivity is maintained on over 53,500 Hoosier farms encompassing 14.6 million acres and includes technologically advanced production systems to meet global needs for food and fiber.”

By The Numbers

Indiana ranks:

• No. 1 producer of popcorn, gourds and duck.

• No. 2 producer of pumpkins.

• No. 3 producer of spearmint, turkeys and total eggs.

• No. 4 producer of peppermint and soybeans.

• No. 5 producing state for corn and hogs.

• No. 6 producer of watermelons.

• No. 10 producing state for maple syrup and hemp for floral (CBD and other cannabinoid usage).

“Indiana’s agriculture breadth is deep and wide,” said Don Lamb, Indiana State Department of Agriculture director.

“We have traditional row crop farmers and animal producers, we have farmers who grow popcorn for movie theaters and corn for tortilla chips, we have food manufacturers who make snack cakes that are beloved worldwide and we have organic farmers and farmers that sell directly to restaurants and consumers.

“My favorite part about agriculture in Indiana is that everyone has a seat at our table. Today, we honor them and extend our gratitude.”

Erica Quinlan

Erica Quinlan

Field Editor