June 15, 2024

National FFA Organization and MANRRS sign MOU

Derris Burnett

INDIANAPOLIS — The National FFA Organization and Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Science recently signed a memorandum of understanding to create a formative alliance with the shared goal of growing diversity, equity and inclusion in the industry of agriculture.

“One of our goals at the National FFA Organization is to partner with like-minded organizations to expand our collective impact on agriculture, food and natural resources, especially with underrepresented and marginalized populations,” said Scott Stump, CEO of the National FFA Organization. “This partnership with MANRRS will be a catalyst for advancing our shared goals.”

As a result of the MOU, FFA and MANRRS will work together to build a more equitable, diverse and inclusive talent pipeline for agriculture.

“As a result of nearly 40 years of organization and intentional efforts, MANRRS has earned its place as the premier recruiting venue for diverse, cultivated talent to supply the needs of government, industry and academia in agriculture and related fields. Today we build on the MANRRS network and formalize a relationship with the National FFA Organization,” said Derris Burnett, MANRRS national president.

“There is a critical need for synergizing efforts to improve the prospects of an equitable and inclusive future. This MOU is an exciting step in that process because if we want to impart real change in the world, we must welcome everyone to the process.

“This shared approach between MANRRS and FFA is important for making agriculture more accessible, removing barriers for young people and supporting the advancement of next-gen careers in the industry.”