December 07, 2023

Indiana Farm Bureau AgELECT and ELECT PACs endorse 86 candidates for general election

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Farm Bureau’s political action committees, ELECT and AgELECT — the organization’s federal and state-level, nonpartisan political action committees — have endorsed 86 candidates for the 2022 general election.

“Indiana Farm Bureau endorsements are an important piece of the organization’s grassroots effort,” said INFB President Randy Kron.

“The goal of our PACs is to back candidates who are willing to listen to issues impacting agriculture. INFB’s advocacy efforts rely on supporting public officials who will advocate on behalf of Hoosier agriculture and serve as our voice at the Statehouse and in Washington, D.C.”

This year, grassroots volunteers representing each county Farm Bureau in the state conducted almost 200 individual interviews of candidates for the robust endorsement process.

From there, those recommendations went to an oversight committee made up of appointed Farm Bureau member volunteers from each district.

Then the INFB board of directors took a final look at the list to provide their recommendations. Ultimately, two of the three entities must agree on a decision in order for an endorsement to occur.

The ELECT and AgELECT endorsement process stays true to the grassroots nature of the organization.

INFB endorsements are recognition of candidates’ support of policies that will foster a positive environment for agriculture and rural communities across the state.

INFB’s endorsements for the 2022 general election can be found by visiting: