December 07, 2023

Rezin hosts Agriculture Advisory Committee at Yorkville farm

YORKVILLE, Ill. — Local farmers and agricultural industry leaders came together for Illinois Senate Deputy Minority Leader Sue Rezin’s Agriculture Advisory Committee meeting July 13 at Stewart Farms in Yorkville to discuss agricultural-related issues with Rezin and Illinois Department of Agriculture Director Jerry Costello II.

“Agriculture is the foundational rock of Illinois’ economy and the largest driver of jobs within the state,” said Rezin, R-Morris, in a news release about the event.

“The members of my Agriculture Advisory Committee have firsthand experience and knowledge on what issues and policies are impacting our agricultural community and industry. As an elected public official, there is nothing more valuable than speaking with the people who are directly impacted by the policies that you are tasked with setting.”

Rezin’s committee was organized to give local farmers, Farm Bureau representatives and other agricultural industry leaders within the 38th Senate District an opportunity to ask questions, discuss issues and offer proposals on how lawmakers in Springfield can create better agriculture policy.

The committee meeting also is a forum that allows Rezin to provide its members with an update on legislation that has recently become law and future legislation expected to move through the General Assembly.