November 30, 2022

C-FAR board members affirmed

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — The Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research held its annual meeting on Feb. 11 via Zoom.

The board voted to continue to support the Illinois State Fair.

C-FAR is required to hold an annual meeting even though its activity has significantly decreased.

In 2014, then-voting members adopted new bylaws that reorganized C-FAR to operate at the minimum required by Illinois law and still maintain its 501(c)5 non-profit status. The move was prompted by the continuing lack of research funds from the state of Illinois.

Affirmed as the three board members are and their offices were Chair Susan Adams, of Atlanta, representing the Illinois Corn Growers Association; Vice Chair Earl Williams, of Cherry Valley, representing Illinois Farm Bureau; and Secretary-Treasurer Ross Prough, of Greenfield, representing the Illinois Soybean Association.

Mary Auth will continue to serve as C-FAR program manager and will be responsible for meeting the minimum requirements for the non-profit group.

Any correspondence to C-FAR can be sent to 2532 Windward Blvd., Champaign IL 61821. For more information, contact Auth at 217-351-6373, or