October 19, 2021

From the Fields: Harvest has begun

Combines are starting to roll in northern Illinois. Most are running in soybeans, but there was a swath to the south of us that was hit with some nasty winds earlier this summer and they are working on down corn. I have seen a number of photos of guys standing in cornfields that don’t come up to their knees because the corn is down so bad. I haven’t heard much about yields through combines in corn or soybeans.

The one thing I have heard or read is that the super early planted beans that are being combined would love a rain to add moisture to the beans that are coming off in the 9% to 12% range. We did receive a few sprinkles on Friday morning — not enough to be measurable, just enough to make polka dots in the dust on my truck. We have only had 0.1 inch of rain at our farm this month. It is super dry out there. I wouldn’t mind a nice inch or so of a slow rain over a day or two. The best chance for rain in the 10-day forecast is a 35% chance tomorrow. At least the 10-day is showing cooler temps after tomorrow, too. This hot, dry weather with temps in the upper 80s to lower 90s this past weekend was not helpful for crops that are drying down too quickly. The upper 60s to lower 70s sounds much nicer to me.

We put away our last crop of hay baled for the year this past week. It’s nice to cross that job off the list for 2021. We should be finishing up corn silage this week with a custom job and filling a couple of Harvestores for feeding our cattle. I’m more than ready to move into the new combine for the remainder of harvest. It was a bittersweet day watching our old combine head out the driveway on a semi for the last time, but seeing that shiny green new one in the shed ready to go is pretty exciting.

Kim Meier

Kim Meier

Ridott, Ill.