April 20, 2024

Seed tender, rolling harrow new for 2017

KALIDA, Ohio — Loading seed into a planter this spring can be accomplished quicker with the Unverferth 55 Series Seed Runner tender.

“For 2017, we introduced a new lineup of Unverferth Seed Runner tenders that have a lower profile and larger tank opening for easier self filling,” said Jerry Ecklund, communications manager for Unverferth Manufacturing Co.

“The tender also has a new rubber belt design for the unloading conveyor with u-shaped rows of cupped cleats that are very gentle on seed,” Ecklund explained. “The Seed Runner loads seed into the planter 20 to 30 percent faster than previous belt designs.”

Three sizes of the Unverferth tender are available — 275-, 375- and 400-seed unit capacity.

“With the two bins of the seed tender, it can service multiple planters since you can load one variety in the front and a different variety in the rear half,” Ecklund said.

The Unverferth company was started by the father-and-son team of L.G. and Richard Unverferth in the 1940s.

“We’ve always prided ourselves in the ability to innovate products that have value to farmers,” Ecklund stressed.

“That includes products like the seed tender that the farmer can take to the seed company and get it filled up without the need for an extra conveyor,” he said. “Then they can take it to the field and fill up the planter, so it is a much more efficient unit.”

New Harrow

The new 1245D Rolling Harrow is another one of those innovative products.

“The soil conditioning behind the field cultivator makes it a much more receptive seed bed for planting into,” Ecklund said. “Our engineers are working to design equipment that goes the extra step.”

The 1245 model has two baskets.

“The front basket has an aggressive angle on the blade, so it digs into the soil,” Ecklund explained. “And the rear basket is more passive to help pack the soil down and break up the clods.”

The new 1245D model features a drum roller in place of the basket on the rear.

“That provides more firming action than with a basket with straight blades,” Ecklund said. “The drum pushes the small stones down into the soil.”

Last fall, Unverferth introduced the Brent V-Series grain carts with capacities ranging from 750 to 1,500 bushels.

“The Brent grain carts have the unloading auger further forward,” the spokesman said. “So there is less strain on your neck when you turn to view the unloading process.”

Tracks are available on the grain cart models with 1,000-plus bushel capacity.

“If the farmer is buying tractors with tracks, he will typically outfit his grain carts with tracks as well,” Ecklund said.

“The downspout is hydraulically adjustable in four directions — you can move it left and right and in and out,” he said. “That really helps the farmer target where the grain is unloaded in the truck.”

Liquid Applicator

The NutriMax liquid applicator is available in 1,400-, 1,800- and 2,600-gallon tank capacities and with toolbar widths ranging from 40 to 90 feet.

“This machine features coulters that engage with the ground to place liquid fertilizer in between the rows,” Ecklund said. “The larger models feature an exclusive folding design that allows it to fold narrowly, as well as the transport height is lower, so it is much easier to transport down roads.”

Unverferth designed the NutriMax as a rugged tool to last for many seasons.

“The coulter design has a six-bolt hub, which is meant to last for the long haul,” Ecklund stressed. “It has 1,500 pounds of pressure to make sure the fertilizer gets in the ground.”

The coulters also have 15 degrees of pivot.

“As you go around corners, they stay in the ground to apply fertilizer where it is needed,” Ecklund said. “A containment tank is built under the main tank, so if you’re on sidehills, there still will be liquid going to the pump.”

A variety of Top Air Sprayers are available from Unverferth ranging is size from a three-point mounted sprayer up to a 2,400-gallon sprayer with tracks.

“And we have a 200-gallon ATV sprayer as well,” Ecklund added.

“Top Air became known for the T-Tank sprayers in the ’80s,” he said. “They were re-designed in the 2000s, but we kept the traditional T-style with a deep sump to help unload completely, as well as provide better clearance going through the crop.”

Unique to the Top Air sprayers is the undercarriage track option, Ecklund said.

“The equalizer track pivots front to rear and has camber left to right, which hugs the ground as the sprayer goes through the field to help improve floatation,” he added.

The tri-folding booms fold into a compact size for transport.

“The center pivot on the boom can freely move left to right as you’re going through the field and turning corners to help the spray pattern stay consistent,” Ecklund said. “The sprayer also has springs and shock absorbers for cushioning the blow going up and down.”

Provided photo The Unverferth NutriMax liquid applicator is a rugged tool that is designed to last for many seasons. The coulter design has a six-bolt hub and 1,500 pounds of pressure to make sure the fertilizer gets in the ground. This is just one of the many products available from the Unverferth Manufacturing Co.

55 Series Seed Runner

List Price: $25,060 to $34,460


  • Sixty inches of hydraulically operated vertical height adjustment for easily positioning conveyor into the loading or transport positions.
  • Top-mounted, 6-cubic-inch hydraulic motor pulls the belt forward, keeping it tight for the most efficient and gentlest seed movement.
  • Dual compartments for easily carrying two different varieties.

Top Air Sprayers

List Price: $62,800 to $105,000


  • Tri-fold boom design provides a compact fold for easy tank platform access and narrow transport width.
  • The exclusive “Containment Tank” sump design ensures the pump stays primed, even when the tank is close to empty, on inclines and sidehills.
  • Stainless-steel boom plumbing and hardware provides corrosion resistance and durability.

Unverferth Rolling Harrow

List Price: $11.625 to $64,540


  • The basket-drum design combines an aggressive front basket with angled blades that dig into the soil and a rear drum that maximizes soil firming while pushing down stones.
  • Free-floating basket rollers provide uniform soil conditioning in a wide variety of field terrains and soil types.
  • Minimal weight is added to the primary tillage implement lengthening its life.

Brent Grain Cart

List Price: $38,825 to $131,470


  • Forward-reaching corner-auger with side-folding design increases the upper auger length for industry-leading auger reach and height.
  • Exclusive design with recessed auger sump funnels grain down into the unloading auger for quick and gentle grain handling.
  • Four-way directional downspout provides four feet of in-and-out and five feet of side-to-side control with minimal change in change in the discharge height for easily topping off trucks.