What makes your ag teacher special?

“Miss Walters is really the person who got me involved in FFA and she has a way of including you in everything to make you feel super welcome. Mrs. Stanley has definitely brought my love of horticulture to light and she really encouraged me to pursue it.”

Laura Schwank, 18


“Miss Walters was my first ag teacher and she made it fun to learn. I met a lot of people in her class that had an impact on me. Mrs. Stanley teaches mechanics that I want to go into.”

Madison Schmitt, 17


“They are really understanding. If you tell them something, they’ll actually put in the time, they’ll listen and help you with every specific need that you have.”

D.J. Burd, 15


“There ultimately are so many things that make an ag teacher special. For mine I’d have to say the passion Mrs. Jennifer Ehrhart has for agriculture, for teaching, but most importantly for her students is so amazing.”

Adam Loker, 19


“She has a personal connection with us so not only can you go to her as a teacher, but she is also somebody that supports you and has a better understanding of who you are as a person.”

Cherokee Duewer, 16

New Berlin

“It’s the energy that he brings to the classroom. He is youthful and brings an excitement to the room every day that most teachers don’t bring. It really makes you want to learn and overall ready for the day and to learn all sorts of different things. With his experience when he was in FFA in high school, he has all of the background over every single thing that we would ever need to ask a question about.”

Kolby Pagel, 16


“She knows my family really well and I can go to her for anything. It is easy to go to her if I need someone to talk to.”

Brooklyn Stephens, 17

New Berlin

“Miss Cray encourages us and she pushes everybody to do their best. She helps everybody do their best.”

Schylar Spradlin, 15

New Berlin

“Our ag teacher has an open door policy. A lot of teachers nowadays will tell you that you can come to them with anything, but Mrs. Heavner really makes you feel like you can come to her with anything. She’ll always give you the time of day. Her dedication to her students and just the fact that she really genuinely shows that she cares about us, that’s what makes her special to me.”

Mason Davis, 17


“She is an extremely positive person and she pushes you to do your best.”

Addison Wessel, 16


“When you walk in her room, you’re going to have a smile on you face no matter what happened that day. If you’re feeling down, she will pick you back up and she pushes you to be a better person.”

Josie Edlefson, 15


Editor’s note: Responses were obtained by Martha Blum at the Women Changing the Face of Agriculture conference at Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg and by Tom Doran at the Illinois Agricultural Legislative Day at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield.