May 22, 2022
Thank You Teachers

Agriculture and Technology School offers opportunities to rural students

CARMEL, Ind. — From watching chicks hatch in an incubator to hands-on lessons with drones, students at the Indiana Agriculture and Technology School are learning all things ag.

The school is a tuition-free online public school for grades 7-12.

It features virtual learning technologies blended with hands-on experiences in agriculture, conservation and environmental sciences. Students have access to active learning on a 600-acre farm.

Students have the option to earn an Indiana Core 40 diploma, or pursue career pathways in agribusiness and other industries.

“The Indiana Agriculture and Technology School was created to expose our students to potential careers in agriculture and technology,” said Allan Sutherlin, founder of the school.

“We understand that most will not become farmers, but many will go on to seek careers in modern agriculture that include biology, life sciences, environmental management, food and nutrition, human health, and engineering.”

Last year, the school announced an expansion to southern Indiana.

University of Southern Indiana is involved with the school and will play a role in expanding opportunities for students in the region.

“Our intention is to improve families’ access to quality charter schools, provide school communities the autonomy they need for schools to excel and collaborate with partner schools to assure high quality performance,” said Mohammed Khayum, USI provost.

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Erica Quinlan

Erica Quinlan

Field Editor