Letters: We Thank All First Responders: Agri-News

First Responder Brook Iroquois Volunteer Fire Department: While trimming bushes I accidentally cut the gas line into my home - immediately called the gas company - who called the fire department - who arrived within minutes. The firefighters were my neighbors ... 2 minutes away ... nothing drastic happened and life went on - it’s good to know that we have an amazing firefighting team on demand 24-7. Thanks to the entire team. Beth Bassett

First Responder Brad L Brenneman: 25 Years with Stanford Illinois Rescue Squad and most of that time as its chief. Brad Brenneman

First Responder Christian Williams: Our family would like to thank Christian for his 30 minutes of CPR to keep our daughter alive after suffering cardiac arrest. He arrived on scene, began compressions and continued compressions until arriving at the hospital after other equipment failed. Without his dedication/training our daughter would not be alive today. Doyle Speer

First Responder Edward A Kimber: Thank you for all the time you spend at the fire station; responding to calls, washing trucks, making sure all trucks are full of fuel etc and ready to go. 44 years of dedication service to Reading Volunteer Fire Department. Streator Community

First Responder Eric Fair II: This guy goes above and beyond for others and loves his job as a firefighter! Eric Fair

First Responder Alexis Depauw: Buda Fire Department EMS Director. She’s the glue that holds it all together. Wayne Roberts

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