July 15, 2024

Geneva Equipment: Offering Diversified Solutions for Your Agricultural Operation Needs

Geneva Equipment - Geneva Equipment: Offering Diversified Solutions for Your Agricultural Operation Needs

At Geneva Equipment, we understand that the backbone of any successful agricultural operation extends beyond the tractors, combines, and planters. A crucial part of any farming system includes semi-trucks and frac tanks, particularly for bulk liquid storage. Our offerings address the varied needs of not just farmers, but also those in construction and other industries.

Frac tanks, typically known for their role in fracking, are incredibly versatile. With a capacity of 21,000 gallons, these portable steel tanks are not confined to the oil and gas sector. They provide immense value in agriculture, where their utility ranges from storing liquid fertilizers to manure, and even fuel.

For liquid fertilizer, the robust design of our flat-top tanks is ideal. Positioning these tanks strategically between fields can significantly streamline the spraying process, saving valuable time during planting season. For manure management, in conjunction with using traditional manure tankers, a more efficient approach involves storing manure in our tanks and utilizing a dragline system for distribution. This conserves both time and resources.

Fuel storage is another aspect where frac tanks shine. With fluctuating fuel prices, stocking up when rates are low is a smart strategy. Our tanks can safely store significant volumes of diesel/fuel, acting as your personal refueling station. Additionally, our flat-top tanks are excellent for freshwater storage for crops or livestock. However, it’s essential to choose tanks based on their history to ensure safety, especially for potable water storage.

For trucking needs, Geneva Equipment has a robust inventory of day cab and sleeper trucks. Our network reaches across the nation, ensuring we can source the right truck for your needs. If you’re looking to sell your fleet, our turnkey service covers everything from assessment to sale, allowing you to focus on your core business.

For more information about how Geneva Equipment can provide solutions for your agricultural storage or transportation needs, please call 855-201-7193 today!

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