July 15, 2024

A Farmer’s Perspective on Frac Tanks

Geneva Equipment - A Farmer’s Perspective on Frac Tanks

While you may have heard about or seen frac tanks, you may not understand what they’re used for. Geneva Equipment, a local supplier of frac tanks and other agricultural and trucking equipment, recently sold two frac tanks to Ray, a local farmer.

“I read about frac tanks in a construction/machinery trader magazine, then found Geneva Equipment online,” said Ray. “I went to see the tanks in person, and liked the price. Geneva Equipment has delivered on all their promises.”

Ray prefers a frac tank to hold fertilizer. “Vertical storage tanks are harder to use; you have to fill them from the top and you need a crane to move them,” he said. “Frac tanks are large, but they lay horizontally.”

Ray didn’t need much preparation for the tank delivery. “I hauled in and leveled some gravel, then the tanks were delivered and placed on the spot with a loader,” he said. “They’re not hard to set up and move if fine tuning is needed.”

Before filling the tank, Ray did a quick pressure wash. “It drained out really well; it all went to the sump,” he explained. “We added a filter cartridge to ensure any leftover debris would be filtered out. We plumbed two tanks together, and we’ve had no leakage at all.” Ray also noted that the brass fittings were easy to adapt for plumbing, and that Geneva Equipment stocks new seals in case they’re needed.

Ray gave a very positive cost vs. benefit review as well. “The frac tank is large, we can fill it before spring to get us through the first big planting rush and avoid the heavy shipping times,” he said. “Frac tanks can also be used to hold fuel, although a newer tank might be necessary.”

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