July 15, 2024

AgroEcoPower: Pioneering Agricultural Machine Performance Solutions

AgroEcoPower - AgroEcoPower: Pioneering Agricultural Machine Performance Solutions

AgroEcoPower has been a recognized name in the agricultural machinery sector since 2004. The company brings together a team of software engineers, problem solvers, and agricultural professionals, with a goal to provide effective performance solutions for farmers and for those who own transport, construction, and handling equipment.

One of the key areas of AgroEcoPower’s expertise is in software modification. They specialize in adjusting parameters related to injection, air-to-fuel ratio, injection duration, the amount of fuel, and torque limiters. These modifications optimize engine performance, with some enhancements increasing HP performance by up to 20-25% and torque by up to 25%, which is what farmers need. The result is an engine that runs more efficiently, potentially reducing fuel consumption by up to 20%.

According to Manager (U.S.) Martin Solc, there are several benefits gained from reduced fuel consumption. “The engine is stronger, so for the same operation, the engine load % is reduced,” he explained. “The transmission understands that, and shifts up by 1-2 gears (or the operator can do that), which leads to lower RPM. As the engine rotates more slowly, less fuel is needed. An engine using a lower RPM also runs cooler. This is much healthier for the engine itself, as a lower RPM prolongs longevity of all rotating components within the engine block.”

Solc adds that software modifications allow for farming to be done more quickly; an operation scheduled for six days can now be done in five days, so you save a full day of fuel consumption. The time savings can be used in other productive ways, and the reduced hours of engine usage leads to increased trade-in values compared to market. “With SW modifications, we can improve many factors related to performance,” he said. “This includes oil patterns, throttle mapping, injectors timing, and fuel dosing. The engine runs much more efficiently than ever before.”

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