July 15, 2024

Understanding Frac Tanks and Their Role in Agriculture

Geneva Equipment - Understanding Frac Tanks and Their Role in Agriculture

Frac tanks, originally designed for the oil and gas industry, have found their place in various sectors, including agriculture. These large, portable storage tanks are proving invaluable to farmers, given their versatile nature and significant storage capacity.

At its core, a frac tank is a sizable heavy-gauge steel container, typically holding about 21,000 gallons or 500 BBL. Designed for bulk storage, these tanks are robust, with features like internal epoxy coating to prevent deterioration from stored materials. Their mobility offers the advantage of on-site storage, without the need for constructing permanent structures.

Geneva Equipment, a company well-versed in providing solutions tailored to specific agricultural needs, offers frac tanks as part of their large and diverse heavy equipment inventory. With farming operations often spread over vast tracts of land, having the ability to store large quantities of liquids like fresh water, fertilizers, fuel, chemicals, or even manure can streamline operations considerably.

As farmers seek to optimize crop yields, the efficient application of fertilizers becomes crucial. A frac tank, like the popular flat top model offered by Geneva Equipment, can act as a central storage unit for liquid fertilizers, placed strategically between fields for easy access during planting or crop growth stages. This centralized approach saves time, reducing the back-and-forth typically associated with smaller storage solutions.

With unpredictable rainfall patterns and the increasing importance of irrigation in modern farming, having a sizable reservoir of water on hand can be a game-changer. Frac tanks can store water for livestock or irrigation. They can also be used for groundwater remediation or septic wastewater storage.

Frac tanks, with their combination of portability and large storage capacity, are bridging a crucial gap in the agricultural industry. Geneva Equipment is at the forefront of this integration, understanding the unique challenges faced by farmers and offering solutions that make a notable difference.

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