January 18, 2022

Peabody: Fresh face; same place

As the harvest season begins to draw to a close, the Illinois Soybean Association is excited to reveal a new logo, branding and messaging as a nod to the long lineage of Illinois soybean farmers who directly influence the promotion, advocacy and education ISA upholds year-round.

Our inspiration for these updates? Our farmers. We constantly watch our farmers grow, evolve and adapt to the changing landscape. That inspires us to do the same.

If we are truly the voice for Illinois soybean farmers across the state, our brand needs to reflect strength, relevance, pride and fresh confidence for the future of the Illinois soybean industry.

The new logo is clean and modern with subtle nods back to the years of ISA’s founding, showcasing a return to their roots. Hard working sans serif typefaces are used for clarity and precision to surround the shape of the state of Illinois, which is visually built by row crops with a soybean at the heart of the state.

The campaign messaging will be distilled into simple words and ideals, all focused around the three driving pillars that help establish ISA’s position as a market leader in sustainable soybean production and profitability: Promotion, Advocacy and Education.

The “Power by Association” language illustrates ISA’s commitment to being farmer-built and farmer-led, creating stories that are designed to speak to growers, rather than about growers.

And the campaign’s execution is very strategic. We are revealing our new logo and brand during post-harvest days when most farmers will be coming in from the fields.

The natural wind-down from harvest is a time of gratitude and celebration for many reasons. This is our way of saluting farmers for their hard work and congratulating them on a great growing season.

At a time when they can finally slow down and reflect, we want Illinois farmers to know how much they influence ISA’s work and to see themselves in all that we do.

Rachel Peabody is the director of communications for the Illinois Soybean Association.