June 15, 2021

Quinlan: Happy Mother’s Day

To the moms who stay up late worrying about your children.

To the ones working hard, who can barely keep their eyes open because they’re so tired. I see you.

To the new moms who think they aren’t doing enough.

To the experienced moms who have 1,000 balls to juggle.

To the seasoned moms who proudly wear the grandma badge.

This day is for you.

To the women who want to be moms. To those who are mothers to angel babies. To those who have lost their mothers. I wish you a day that’s filled with grace and surrounded by love.

Not every holiday is easy for every person. Sometimes it can be hard to reckon with things that happened in the past, especially with family. My heart feels for you if you’re hurting.

This year I want to especially thank my mother and mother-in-love. For supporting us, listening to me over-worry and loving this family.

You mean the world to me.

Erica Quinlan

Field Editor