March 07, 2021

Langreck: The heart in ‘Heartland’

I’m always looking for a new television series or a good movie to watch when I have a bit of downtime, which is hardly ever, or once the kids are in bed. Don’t get me wrong, if Purdue basketball or football is on, then I’m definitely watching that, but sadly they don’t play 24/7.

I have watched a wide range of shows since the COVID-19 pandemic began, but the problem for me is once I start a series I tend to binge-watch an entire season of the series within a week, give or take.

The newest show, which I started last week, has over 13 seasons, and although I’m only — or already, depending how you look at it — in Season 3, I’m absolutely hooked.

The show is called “Heartland,” and although some people may not agree with me, I believe it shows the ups and downs of what happens in the agriculture and ranching industry.

Spoiler alert ahead, just in case others are watching it or are considering watching it, there are a lot of plot twists and some drama in the show. It also showcases how hard making a go of it in the farming industry can be.

However, it also shows how livestock can truly make a difference in the lives of people, emotionally and financially. One of my favorite episodes is when the entire town comes together to help the main family that runs Heartland Ranch rebuild their barn after an arsonist set it on fire.

Over the years I have heard of several farmers throughout Indiana and the country who are always willing to lend a hand when a farmer is in need. One of my favorite cases of this is a few years ago when a family went through a terrible hardship and the entire community lent a hand to help the family and to make sure their crops got harvested and in storage before winter.

I’m glad “Heartland” has given me the opportunity to relive these memories, and I’m sure I will keep everyone posted on the series and how much awareness it brings to the agriculture industry in the months to come.

Ashley Langreck

Field Editor