March 20, 2023

Lieutenant governor talks importance of sustainability

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Illinois Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton discussed the importance of sustainability at the Conservation Cropping Seminar.

“Everyone here is harnessing the power of collaboration, so that the farmers who have made Illinois’s ag industry a driving force have the tools to innovate and take us even further,” she said.

“Really, this seminar is about creating space for the conversations that help us find solutions and building the connections to work toward a more sustainable future. We all place a role in this work.”

Stratton said she is proud of how leaders and farmers are working together to push forward.

“Know that our administration is just as committed to taking action with you,” she said. “We are focused on preserving our state’s natural resources and supporting our already powerful ag industry.

“That’s why we are renewing investments for the Partners for Conservation Program, so Illinois can bolster sustainable ag, as well as water and soil conservation.”

It’s also important to have a stable, talented and diverse workforce. Stratton launched the “Ag Connects Us All” agriculture equity and food insecurity initiative last winter.

“This initiative is how we’re creating more pathways in ag for historically underrepresented groups, while also addressing food insecurity affecting communities all throughout the state,” she said.

“We are focused on expanding careers and educational opportunities to the next generation, showing young people in rural communities and urban regions alike the importance of connecting to the land.

“We’re entrusting them with growing our future because we know it will be their turn to care for and tend to the earth.

“I’m so excited for what the future holds because we’re building what comes next together, joining forces to protect the environment that provides for all of us and supporting you who feed and grow our state.”

Erica Quinlan

Erica Quinlan

Field Editor