November 30, 2022

From the Fields: Wrapping up harvest

This has been an amazing fall. We never know what to expect, but we’ve only had a couple of days off and the corn has dried down great. This field is 20% and yesterday the moisture was at 18%. We were fearful a month ago about drying costs, but it worked out.

We survived the wind from Saturday, Nov. 5. Part of the reason is the plants were not as mature as they would normally be because we planted two to three weeks later, so that helped us get through what could have been a bad deal.

The lines at the elevator have been OK so far, but probably next week it may be a little more of a challenge as the elevators get full.

I have about two more weeks of harvest, so we’ll be wrapped up by Thanksgiving and then it will be onto leadership responsibilities during the winter.

Steve Pitstick

Steve Pitstick

Maple Park, Ill.