August 19, 2022

Beck’s installs quality assurance seed lab

ATLANTA, Ind. — Beck’s Hybrids has installed a quality assurance seed lab to test warm, cold and saturated cold germination for corn, soybeans and wheat.

“This investment allows Beck’s to have direct access and hands-on interaction with products to understand better what farmers experience in the field,” said Sonny Beck, CEO of Beck’s.

“It’s our utmost priority that farmers receive the best in seed quality, and this innovative measure supports that mission.”

Beck’s will utilize trays of soil and Kimpack versus a rolled paper towel to measure seed viability.

By conducting tests in soil, Beck’s will observe the uniformity of emergence leading to a greater understanding of product germination.

In addition to germination testing, the seed lab will conduct trait verification and waxy testing.

Located in Beck’s new east soybean tower in Atlanta in central Indiana, Beck’s quality assurance seed lab will start operating in August.

Visitors can tour the seed lab Aug. 25-27 during Becknology Days.

“It’s important that we have the same perspective as farmers,” said Jim Herr, processing, inventory and wholesale manager.

“By placing the seeds in soil rather than a paper towel, Beck’s has a greater opportunity to observe the growth in the lab as a farmer would observe in the field.”

For more information about Beck’s, visit, or call 800-937-2325.

In A Nutshell

• The warm germination test assesses the viability of the seed in ideal growing conditions.

• The cold germination test evaluates the emergence of a seed lot in cold temperatures.

• The saturated cold germination test is a high-stress vigor test that emulates imbibitional chilling shock and low oxygen levels.

Erica Quinlan

Erica Quinlan

Field Editor