May 22, 2024

Indiana Corn Marketing Council to sponsor Catalyxx project

INDIANAPOLIS — Catalyxx Inc. was selected as one of the winners of the 2022 Research Grant Program through the Indiana Corn Marketing Council.

The Research Grant Program is funded through checkoff dollars from Indiana corn farmers as part of ICMC’s Value Creation initiative.

Catalyxx, based in Chesterfield, Missouri, is a technology company that provides sustainable solutions for producing renewable chemicals for biofuels.

“We are excited to come alongside Catalyxx to advance this exciting technology,” said Julie Ohmen, ICMC director of new uses.

“ICMC’s strategic direction to create value through new uses for Indiana corn farmers includes expanding market opportunities for corn-derived sugars and ethanol that create bio-industrial ingredients that are sustainable. Our engagement with Catalyxx is an example of how the ICMC board of directors is committed to investing checkoff funds to drive demand that will provide a return to Indiana farmers and rural communities.”

Catalyxx creates a bio-based n-butanol and other longer-chain linear alcohols from ethanol.

This n-butanol is used to make other chemicals such as butyl acetate and butyl acrylates, which are valuable as a solvent or as an ingredient in formulated products such as cosmetics. The alcohol mix can also be used for diesel and marine fuels.

“We are honored to have been selected by the ICMC as the winner of this very competitive Research Program” said Joaquín Alarcón, president and CEO of Catalyxx.

“This project will allow us to characterize our proprietary alcohol blends as a diesel and marine fuel blending component. Once proven, our technology will open a gigantic new market for corn growers and ethanol producers.

“This financial sponsorship from ICMC allows us to be more innovative in meeting the needs of our customers, who want more sustainable, bio-based products. Indiana’s farmers have made great strides over the years to utilize the technology that allows them to grow more on less land using fewer resources per bushel.”

Alarcón added that the Catalyxx process converts ethanol into higher alcohols efficiently through chemical catalytic conversion. The technology will allow utilization of existing ethanol assets by providing a “bolt-on” process to produce a biofuel to substitute diesel. “Our company’s mission is to become the world leader in catalytic chemistry that will allow the substitution of petrochemical products, traditionally made from crude oil, for the same molecules produced from renewable sources,” Alarcón said.

ICMC’s priority is to develop new markets for Indiana-grown corn. That can be done through efforts such as increasing exports, expanding opportunities for ethanol or creating new products made from corn.

This partnership with Catalyxx fits with that mission, said J.R. Roesner, vice chair of ICMC’s Value Creation committee.

“Among the goals of the Indiana corn checkoff’s new uses work is to highlight the versatility of corn while addressing a need in agriculture or the general public,” said the Dubois County farmer.

“ICMC is happy to work with companies such as Catalyxx as we look to expand markets for the corn grown in Indiana. We believe this research by Catalyxx will expand markets for our corn crop and create exciting new opportunities for consumers everywhere.”