July 25, 2021

FFA members encourage the importance of building a garden for pollinators

FISHERS, Ind. — Most people have a cause they are passionate for and do what it takes to promote it, while raising awareness about the cause at the same time.

For Grace Ayres and Anna Goodrich, who are members of the Carroll at Flora FFA Chapter, their passion is teaching others to create an inviting space in their yard or other locations to welcome pollinators.

The pair do this by teaching others how to build a pollinator garden, including what kinds and colors of flowers attract certain pollinators to stones and other objects that allow pollinators to rest on.

Goodrich said creating a pollinator garden allows bees and other species to get the pollen they need.

Other species of pollinators include monarch butterflies, as well as other types of butterflies, Goodrich said.

“The more colorful the flowers are, the more pollinators come,” said Goodrich, adding another idea for a pollinator garden is to add a butterfly house.

Ayres said another way to make sure a pollinator garden is successful is by adding nutrient-rich compost when planting flowers.

The area where the garden is also needs access to a water source to ensure plenty of water is available for the pollinators who visit, Ayres said.

Ashley Estes

Field Editor