June 15, 2024

Corn growers set sustainability goals

ST. LOUIS — The National Corn Growers Association released sustainability goals June 8.

The organization aims to improve corn production sustainability in the United States by 2030. The five goals are to:

1. Increase land-use efficiency by 12%.

2. Increase irrigation water use efficiency by 15%.

3. Reduce soil erosion by 13%.

4. Increase energy use efficiency by 13%.

5. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 13%.

The goal-setting process took 18 months and was led by farmers.

In 2019, NCGA formed a Corn Sustainability Advisory Group to proactively drive the U.S. corn sustainability story and ensure continued demand for the crop.

“Sustainability is and will continue to be an incredibly important part of what we do, and I’m proud that my fellow leaders at NCGA have led our industry in taking these important steps,” said John Linder, NCGA president.

“As our country and the world examine risks associated with climate change, our commitment to sustainability positions us to play an even bigger role in mitigating these risks in the future.”

The goals were approved by the NCGA board earlier this year.

The NCGA is holding an open comment period to provide feedback on the report and sustainability goals.

Learn more or submit a comment at www.ncga.com/key-issues/current-priorities/sustainability.

Erica Quinlan

Erica Quinlan

Field Editor