June 27, 2022

FieldWatch expands SeedFieldCheck to new states

Online mapping tool fosters ag stewardship to protect field workers

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — FieldWatch Inc., a non-profit company that promotes improved communication and stewardship among crop producers, beekeepers and pesticide applicators, announced the expansion of its SeedFieldCheck registry into new states for the 2021 growing season.

This year, FieldWatch’s SeedFieldCheck registry will be expanding to four new states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Nebraska.

SeedFieldCheck integrates into the existing FieldWatch crop and apiary registry and enables seed companies to more effectively communicate the location and presence of seed field workers to pesticide applicators.

In 2020, FieldWatch launched the SeedFieldCheck pilot program in Iowa, in partnership with the Iowa Seed Association and Iowa Agricultural Aviation Association.

SeedFieldCheck enables seed companies to register the locations of their field crews daily. Users mark registered fields as “planned” or “occupied” to alert pesticide applicators when there may be crews in the area.

The information will be available in near real-time, allowing seed companies the ability to make edits and update plans quickly, replacing the endless circulation of emails and paper or electronic maps to targeted applicators.

“FieldWatch is proud to be a trusted partner in facilitating communication across agriculture,” said Bob Walters, CEO of FieldWatch. “Following SeedFieldCheck’s successful pilot launch in Iowa, we’re excited for even more member states to benefit from our innovative mapping tools.”

Over the past 12 years, the national FieldWatch registry has helped foster stewardship and communication, becoming the single source of trusted data across the ag value chain.

The FieldWatch registries include DriftWatch Specialty Crop Site Registry, BeeCheck Apiary Registry, CropCheck Row Crop Registry and FieldCheck.

These free mapping tools can be easily integrated into many technology platforms used in agriculture and enable crop producers, beekeepers and pesticide applicators to work together to protect field workers, specialty crops and apiaries.

Learn more about SeedFieldCheck at www.fieldwatch.com/seedfieldcheckinfo.