May 20, 2024

New sprayer series featured at expo

‘Power, performance and comfort’

AgriNews photo/Tom C. Doran
Dan Koepke, Jenner Ag account manager, details the features of the new Case IH Patriot 50 Series applicators. The Patriot 4450 was displayed at the Midwest Ag Industries Exposition with its 1,600-gallon capacity tank, 390 horsepower engine, and new cab comfort features.

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — A new sprayer series with “power, performance and comfort” was featured during the recent Midwest Ag Industries Exposition.

The Case IH Patriot 50 Series sprayer was among the latest technology featured at the Jenner Ag exhibit during the MAGIE Show. The first new applicators hit the ground this past spring and production has since been ramped up.

“It’s new from the ground up. More power, quieter in the cab, totally different suspension with four-link suspension with air for a really smooth ride,” said Dan Koepke, Jenner Ag account manager.

The four-bar linkage chassis suspension system delivers superior ride quality, stability and operator control with eight inches of total suspension travel. Plus, axle adjustment options enable the operator to match axle track width quickly and easily to conditions and terrain.

The cab environment incorporates the award-winning design of the MultiControl Armrest layout used in current-model Steiger and Magnum series tractors to increase operator comfort and allow for simple operation. Plus, the operator is always in control with commonly used controls at his fingertips, thanks to the MultiFunction Handle.

“There’s an auto-reverse feature where if you’re going to back up into a corner, you just hit a button and it automatically reverses, and you hit it again and it takes back off. There’s pre-set speed so if you want to spray at 20 mph, you set the pre-set at that speed, and if you want to turn at 8 or 10 mph you set the second pre-set at that,” Koepke said.

“So, all you have to do is hit a button to slow down and speed up. There’s no more moving the lever. It still does have a lever control. It’s little more simplified than what it was before where it comes back to neutral.”

Spray Technology

Patriot 50 series sprayers can be equipped with optional AIM Command FLEX II advanced spray technology, which incorporates individual nozzle on/off control to ensure application accuracy and efficiency. This technology optimizes application rates and droplet sizes for consistent application, regardless of speed and ground conditions.

With six modes of operation, AIM Command FLEX II delivers flexible and accurate application — even in turns, rough terrain and irregular-shaped fields. Additionally, enhanced nozzle control valves are higher-flow-capable, so you can spray at faster speeds or apply more product as needed.

Display Options

For 2024, the Patriot 50 Series sprayer adds to the line’s ability to maximize productivity. The updates made to Advanced Farming Systems Pro 1200 allow for single or multidisplay options, helping operators customize how they experience the built-in precision with product, guidance and vehicle controls.

Choices include a single AFS Pro 1200 display, dual AFS Pro 1200 displays or a combination of AFS Pro 1200 display and Viper 4+. The Viper 4+ offers enhanced auto-guidance solutions and product control.


AutoFold Plus improves operator experience with its ability to streamline the unfolding and folding of the boom with a one-touch approach. Plus, the added center section spray guard builds in a layer of protection of the spray bar and nozzles.

Patriot 50 series sprayer booms are available in width options from 60/90 to 69/135 feet. A parallel-link boom suspension design delivers a stable platform for product application, even in challenging conditions.

Operated through the Viper 4+ display, AccuBoom Automatic Boom Section control automatically turns off boom sections when the sprayer enters an area that has already been sprayed and then turns the sections back on when leaving the applied area.

Also available for operators, optional AutoBoom XRT Automatic Boom Height control detects and accommodates changes in terrain for more accurate and effective coverage across every inch of ground.

Coupled with the innovative boom suspension design of the Patriot series sprayers, AutoBoom XRT delivers solid boom control and stability.


Patriot 50 Series sprayers are designed to help operators maximize in-field time and get tendering or maintenance out of the way quickly and efficiently. Everything is within reach with a one-stop service center, ground-level connections and an open-architecture design. Plus, an exclusive tip-wash station provides an easy, accessible way for operators to clean off spray tips with both an air nozzle and water outlet.

Because application duties often take place after hours, enhanced LED light packages result in brighter, better nighttime visibility and use less power. Every Patriot 50 Series sprayer includes front hood-, cab- and tank-mounted lighting and a center-section beacon light all controlled from the AFS Pro 1200 display. Plus, optional factory-installed, blue-lens spray pattern lights provide exceptional visibility of your application and nozzles.

Every Patriot 50 Series sprayer is guidance-ready, and with AFS Connect and Raven Slingshot, operators have the connectivity, guidance, data and monitoring solutions they need to maximize productivity.

Patriot 50 Series sprayers come with a five-year subscription to the AFS Connect farm management portal, allowing producers and ag retailers to create prescriptions, visualize data and track machines — all in one place. And, when equipped with RS1 or SC1 guidance options, users can take advantage of a five-year Slingshot Gold Package subscription.

Tom Doran

Tom C. Doran

Field Editor