May 20, 2024

Weinzierl wins Diolkos Award

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — The 2023 Rail & Maritime Summit, a prominent event that unites distinguished professionals from the rail and maritime sectors, has presented the esteemed Diolkos Award to Rod Weinzierl, Illinois Corn executive director.

The award was presented to Weinzierl for his exceptional vision, leadership and significant contributions to the supply chain industry and his community.

The award, named after the historic Diolkos trackway of Ancient Greece, recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exemplary achievements in shaping the supply chain landscape, reminiscent of the world’s first supply chain and early rail transport system.

The Rail & Maritime Summit serves as a crucial platform for industry leaders in both the rail and maritime sectors, fostering collaborative cooperation and encouraging innovative strategies to enhance profitability and operational efficiency.

By bringing together influential figures from the brown and blue water industries, the summit creates an ideal environment for networking, knowledge sharing and exploring new avenues for growth.

“I am truly humbled and honored to receive the prestigious Diolkos Award at the 2023 Rail & Maritime Summit,” Weinzierl said. “This recognition is a testament to the collective efforts of the entire ag community and the unwavering support of my colleagues and mentors.

“I am committed to continuing my pursuit of excellence, driving innovation, making a lasting impact on the ag industry and consistently representing what’s important to farmers in Illinois.”

The Rail & Maritime Summit offers a platform for influential leaders like Weinzierl to exchange ideas, address challenges and shape the future of rail and maritime operations.